I was born and raised in Bulgaria and now live in Denmark. In Bulgaria I studied Fine Art, specializing in painting. Alongside art, I’ve always had a passion for textiles and clothing design, and in 2015 I completed a Bachelor degree in Textile Design, Handicraft and Communication at VIA Design (VIA University College). In 2016 I started my own clothing line – Milena Munck.

In my design I draw from my knowledge and experience from both the art and textile worlds. I work experimentally with shape, colour and line, and play with the interaction between the body’s form and the clothing itself. The designs are elegant, timeless and simple, focusing on unique details.

As well as emphasizing elegant design, it’s also very important for me that the clothing is comfortable to wear. My collection is therefore created using knit techniques with natural materials, since the elasticity of the knit fabrics gives great body comfort. By using different rib structures, the room for movement within the clothes is extended, without affecting the fit.

The final aspect I value highly in my design is quality, and I select all materials extremely carefully so that my clothing can be used year after year without losing its shape, and without the colors fading. I am personally involved in all areas of production so as to ensure my customers receive a product that lives up to my high standards of design, comfort and quality.